When Cois Harman decided to farm with the Braunvieh, the decisive factors were the exceptional characteristics of the breed regarding meat, milk and calm temperament.  It is a well-adapted breed which not only ensures a monthly cash flow due to milk production, but which also fills the owner with pride when the calf is sold at the auction.  

In the Marico Bushveld cows are mainly milked from the veld.  In this area, the Braunvieh performs best of all breeds due to its exceptional walking capability and its ability to produce high quality milk from the natural pasture.  Due to the large demand for Braunvieh-bulls and the importance of the performance of the herd, this farm focusses on rapid growth, good weight gain after weaning in relation to feed intake, hardiness and adaptability.

It is thus essential that bulls should be tested and we therefore participate in the Phase C and D of the Performance Testing Scheme.  Bulls that perform unsatisfactory are slaugtered.  Female animals that don’t perform by once yearly calving are also slaughtered.  Heifers are mounted or inseminated artificially at the age of 18-20 months.

Heifers thus usually calve before 30 months.  Calving ease and small calves that grow fast after birth, are emphasised.

The whole herd is weighed bi-monthly and good record keeping is done of performance of each bloodline.  Only semen of bulls that perform well and distinguish themselves as top bulls are used in the herd.  In this way we ensure that our herd remains in the forefront and makes an impact on other herds.

It is important to us that buyers of our bulls are proud of the impact our bulls have on their herds.  In this way we ensure that our clients remain our friends and return time and again for a second and third bull from us.